The Beginning.


Five years ago, I told my parents that I wanted to go to school in California. Reactions ranged; my dad said no, my mom laughed and held up a pamphlet for a school in Rome, my big brother shrugged and said “I’ve never gone to LA. Cool.” I don’t think anyone thought I was actually serious, until senior year of high school rolled around.

I (not-so) secretly only applied for California schools and got accepted to most of the ones I wanted. My parents were shocked, not because they didn’t think I would get accepted, but because they really didn’t think I would get up and move. Moving 3000 miles across the country in the midst of California’s budget cuts, out-of-state tuition hikes and a growing recession probably couldn’t of been one of my brightest ideas. But I was determined and stubborn, and no one could tell me no.

11 months after senior year started, I sat on a LAX-bound plane to Northridge, California with my big brother. A week after that, I was on my own. No friends, no family… just me and my choices.

During those five years, I made and lost friends. I made some bad decisions and gained responsibility. I dated the wrong kind of guys, and let go of guys that could have been possibly been great for me. I moved every year and traveled to great parts of California. But greatest of all, I learned about myself. I became surer of myself and comfortable in my skin.

Living here made me realize that the choices I made in life, no matter how hard, got me to where I am today. When you want something in life, you give it your all. The rewards feel so much better that way.

With that being said, welcome to my little piece of the blog-o-sphere. I hope you enjoy what you read.



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