Minefield Chronicles

WhatifBoyfriendIf it’s one thing I’ve learned in my 4.5 years of undergrad; college is like a minefield, specifically a minefield of guys. You can step on a grenade and dodge a great guy instead. Little boys are mixed with men and its hard to tell which guy is actually genuine.

Why does it seem like we only find the commitment phobes and the players, the weird guys and the ones that lie?

Where are the good guys? How do we find them? And more, importantly, how do we tell them that we’re good for them?

Why is the hardest part of a relationship the act of getting into one?

These stories are in no real order, but they all have a common theme- that dating in college is a crazy, fucking beast. It’s hard, scary and something that is nerve wracking and intriguing and fun all at the same time. It’s a scary ride, but it’s one that many of us are willingly jumping on.

I’m no expert- I’m confused everyday. Just when I think I’m getting somewhere, it seems that I take a couple steps back. The hardest thing for me is to get guys to see me as more than just a piece of ass. (But that’s another post).

Welcome to my ride.

Here’s a list of some of the more… memorable ones. I only used initials, out of respect for the people talked about:

The Older Man

The Basketballer

The Pseudo Stalker

The Musician

The Frat Boy

The Disney Man


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