The Older Man, Part 3

It took me such a long time to finish this story. This is the third and final installment of the story of T and I. Part 2 is here.

August 2010

T was a (now 26 year old) guy that I went to a formal event with in my second year of college. We had never done anything physical together (I was still a virgin after all) but we had this connection that we both couldn’t deny. He had sent me a text asking me to meet up and consequently make out with him.

I couldn’t lie, a part of me was intrigued, but I was also nervous. What if he was really experienced and I looked like a prude in front of him? What if I couldn’t satisfy him?

We agreed to meet at my best friends house and hang out on his patio. I was staying with him while my apartment was getting painted, and dog sitting two adorable dogs were my payoff. At about 11pm, he called me and told me that he was driving over to the house and that he would meet me up front. The butterflies started fluttering as I waited for him to come over.

By the time he parked and I saw him walk up, my palms were sweating and all I wanted to do was grab his face and kiss him. But I kept my cool, and we sat on the patio. Less than an hour later, we had gotten comfortable and slowly inched towards each other. He had placed his hand on my knee and his voice was getting lower and lower as our faces neared each other.

Then I felt a cold nose on my leg. Before I could react, my best friends dog (an overweight beagle mix who swore it was a 5 pound lap dog) jumped onto the bench and somehow formed the biggest wedge  between us. T laughed and pushed the dog off the bench, but this damn dog was persistent. He wiggled, licked and poked his way onto our laps again and again. I was somewhere between mortified and pissed off. I waited all summer to kiss this guy and I was being clit blocked by a fat beagle.

So we moved into his car. His very small, very old school car. Like you have to manually roll the windows down and roll the seat backwards kind of car. But we made it work. We didn’t have sex; partially because I wasn’t going to lose my virginity in the drivers seat of a piece of shit car and partially because he didn’t know that I was still a virgin. But he was definitely experienced. And he knew exactly how to turn me on. We rounded the bases and then I cut him off before our clothes came off; saying some excuse about take things slower.

He took a deep breath and sadly agreed. He knew that I wasn’t going to do anything that I didn’t want to do, so he knew better than to push me- but I knew that he was disappointed.

I don’t remember why we fell out of contact, but I’m pretty sure it was mutual. He just had really bad timing- and he slowly went from having bad timing to being annoying.

2010 came and went, then 2011. In 2012, I had moved on so far from him, dated other people and long lost my virginity when I started getting texts and calls from him. At first he said that he was just getting back in touch, and then he started using me when he got drunk and wanted to talk dirty to someone. I didn’t know if I was more annoyed that he seemed to have this radar where he always seemed to cock block when I was with another guy or if I was more annoyed that he waited literally years to talk to me again without the slightest reason why he dropped off the planet.

Long story short, I didn’t talk to him again. No response, no reason- just like what he did to me.

If he wanted to play games, I could play them right back.



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