The Pseudo Stalker

September 2011.

I met a guy on campus on my way home from the bookstore; let’s call him D. We met on campus as I was walking home from the book store. He approached me and introduced himself; explaining that his mom worked at the school, so he decided to transfer in to cut the commuting costs.

We seemed to have some things in common, and I wasn’t in a rush to get back home- so we began talking. He seemed nice, he didn’t have a lot of friends besides his brothers friends so he was trying to build up a little network. I related with him because of that. When I moved to LA, I joined clubs and went to school functions and was extra nice to people in my classes as a way to make friends. I knew how hard it could be.

So when he asked me for my number, I handed it over with a smile and a promise that he could meet a few of my guy friends that had similar interests. We chatted a bit longer about school and classes and on-campus functions.

Then he followed it up with,, “So… do you have a boyfriend?”

I internally face-palmed. Fuck! I was blindsided!

I politely answered no and explained to him that I wasn’t looking for a relationship at the time. He said that he understood. Then he followed that up with, “…because I think you’re really cute. And you have a nice personality; I wouldn’t mind getting to know you better.”

Um. No. Again. No.

 After that, I decided to cut the conversation short, making up some excuse as to why I had to go home. He asked me if he could walk me home. It was at least 2pm, I was perfectly fine. I told me that he could walk me to the edge of campus but I didn’t feel comfortable with him knowing where I lived.

So we walked to the edge of campus, trying to explain to me why going out with him would be the best idea of the year. I alternated from staying quiet or texting my friends as a diversion to not take part in his plans.

We broke at the end of campus, after an awkward hug and a quick good bye. I rushed home, intent on telling my friend everything.

Later that night, I pulled Facebook open and I noticed that I had a friend request. It was him. With a roll of my eyes, I opened his page. My eyes fell onto the amount of friends he had and my heart stopped for a second.

I was his only friend. (Update: I still am.)


It was weird, and more than a little creepy. I immediately blocked him and went on with the rest of my day.

That night, when I was going to sleep, I got a call from him. I didn’t pick up.

I was still a little creeped out about the whole Facebook thing, so I never answered his calls; and there were many. I just thought that if I ignored him, he would go away. But that didn’t stop the calls. They were at all hours of the day, from early morning to extremely late at night. It was annoying, which made me not pick up.

A few weeks later, got a text at 7:30am that read “Good morning. What are you going to do today?” from a random number. I asked who it was- it was D. I was immediately annoyed again. I told him that I had class all day, then I asked him about Facebook. He told me that he had looked for me. I then asked him about all the calls; why were there so many? He told me that his brother had his phone, I didn’t believe him for a second. Why would his brother call me?  

I explained to him that I was creeped out and that he should lose my number. He then told me that was sorry and he liked me and wanted to be my boyfriend but he didn’t know how I felt. Creeped out, but thanks for asking. I told him that I wasn’t interested. Then I stopped answering his texts. I blamed it on class and dance, but I really was just over hearing from him. There would be a couple days or a couple weeks and then I would get a “Hi what are you doing” from him.

I never responded again. And after a while, I didn’t hear from him again. Thank God.

with love, D


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