Post-Grad Life. What they don’t tell you.

post gradWhen I graduated, people told me everyday that college was the crash course in adulthood. Undergrad was the time where I would make all my mistakes and then someway, somehow- I would majestically turn into a well-rounded, responsible adult as soon as I walked across the stage.

They were wrong. Well, half wrong.

There is a good chance that you will still drive the same piece of shit car you’ve had since freshman year.

I drive a car from 2004, and I probably will still be driving it until the wheels fall off in 2018. And that’s ok, because I pay less than $90 for insurance and less than $40 for a full tank of gas. It’s not cool looking, but it’s reliable.

You’ll be broke. Possibly more broke then you were in college.

I thought I could stretch a dollar in college. Ramen and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were my staple food for about 3 years. Now it’s a whole new ballgame post grad. When rent, car insurance, student loan payments, credit card payments, gas, utilities and a grocery store trip all falling in the first couple weeks of the month- you will stretch that dollar in ways it hasn’t before. And of course, since ramen in the office will get you the side-eye, bring baggies to work and take home all the extra bagels from Friday Carb Day. No judgement from me.

You will most likely not use your degree in your first post-college job.

Which is not the end of the world. There is a large majority of people who don’t use their degree in their first post-college job. Out of ALL of my friends, I only know 1 who managed to get it. And she was an intern for a year at that company while in school. According to recent research, only about 27% of recent graduates are using their degree post-college.

You might still be working in retail. Or at a restaurant. Or in an office. Or as an intern. Or all of the above.

Whoever told you that you will absolutely get a grown up job as soon as you got out of school- lied. There is no magical job fairy that is handing out salary positions along with benefits. If the only job available is as a server at the Cheesecake Factory, take it. And be thankful that you have a job with a steady paycheck, because there are many people who struggle to find any job.

Brunch is the new staying out late.

Any place that has waffles and alcohol, sign me up! It feels like as soon as I walked the stage at graduation, I left my alcohol tolerance and ability to not sleep behind. So now instead of drinking past 2am, I rise early to walk Mason and reward myself with Eggs Benedict and a full carafe of mimosas.

You will not please everyone.

There was a time in college that you spent your time dealing with drama because someone wasn’t happy. It could have been your roommate, your RA, teachers, classmates, or friends. Once you graduate, there will always be friend that isn’t happy with your current arrangement. For me, it’s the group of people I partied with. Every so often, I get a text asking why I don’t party anymore, or why I don’t accept promoters on Facebook, or why I’m not going on the 5th Vegas trip this year. Because I have a full time job, and a puppy, and student loan payments. That’s why.

You will drink better alcohol- one that does not come in a plastic bottle and taste like rubbing alcohol.

Enough said. Good riddance Popov Vodka. I hope to never see (or smell) you again. Hello BevMo and their reward program.


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