Interior Inspiration. Closets.

Closet space is one of the things that make a bedroom/dressing room great. Not matter how big or small, each holds a little bit of magic. I was fortunate lucky enough to live in a large house growing up, where my bedroom was between the library and a large walk-through closet. I had all the space I needed- compared to my place now, my first bedroom is still about 4 square feet larger.

When my brother and I went to college, my mother decided to downsize our house. There was just too much house for her to maintain on her own, as it was pre-war with huge rooms and tall ceilings. So we sold the house to a beautiful family who promised they weren’t going to turn it into a bunch of apartments. She went from 3,000 square feet to a respectable, 2 bedroom apartment across town.

Now that I live in LA, I often fantasize about the day where I am able to buy my own place and create a place of my own. But closets… closets are something that hold a special place in my heart, as vain as that sounds. No matter where I live, the place where I hold my clothes and shoes is always special.

I love his and hers closets. Even though my clothes would definitely spill over onto Phil’s side eventually.
I love the idea of shoes on bookshelves, as I think that shoe boxes could look bulky and unorganized (unless you shop at the same stores- which I do not.)
I have a clothes rack in my bedroom, and it’s the only way that I can keep it tidy on a regular basis.
This shade of blue is absolutely gorgeous.

Attic, showroom style closet? Yes please!

Disclaimer: All photos are from Houzz unless specified. If you would like to see more, copy and paste the under-image text for a direct hit back the site.


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