Receptionist Life: What they don’t tell you in the interview.

Work Ethic:

You will spend 50% of your work day doing things that a 14 year old could do, and 50% doing things that are way above your pay grade.

Learn to send a fax. It’s ancient, but for some reason, people still use it. And they will still ask you if they have to dial “1” before the number. Which you do. Every time.

Office Politics:

You will probably hate at least 1 person in your office. Maybe two. You will still have to smile and make pleasantries, even if you want to chuck the paper cutter- ala The Punisher- at their head.

Daily Duties:

You will make coffee. You will buy lunch. You might even have to load/unload the dishwasher. Be glad you get a dishwasher.

Office Attire:

Don’t wear shorts. Unless your boss specifically says it’s ok. Through explicit details. And through email.

Full makeup isn’t necessary, but some makeup is welcomed. Not brushing your hair (or teeth) and coming to work anyway, not ok.


Unless you work in a office that has phones ringing off the hook at all times, there will be days that you are bored. Reddit and blogs (or blogging!) will be your best friend.

Customer service is very important. Be nice to people, even if you don’t want to. Especially when you don’t want to. And especially when they aren’t nice to begin with. That will take you very far.

Prepare to be chained to your desk. Think the Devil Wears Prada phone scene. You will be running to the bathroom after you convince the lady from Finance to cover the phones for you. So limit your coffee guzzling drinking.

and the most important:

You will be underestimated by some people. It doesn’t matter if you have a college degree and you graduated cum laude; some people will still view you as “the receptionist”. The phone answering, email writing, no business card having, receptionist. And that’s ok, because you’ll be a boss one day. *insert winky face here*


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