Post Grad Life: Graduate School (Part 1)


I began writing this post 3 months ago. Then working, Christmas, holidays and applications got in the way. Sue me.

Applying to grad school is hard. It’s even harder when you choose a field that is offered in some capacity literally everywhere.


Sometime 3 years ago, I decided that I no longer liked my college major, Kinesiology. I liked the people well enough, and I had some great professors. But something had changed after I got deeper into my studies. The material just wasn’t interesting. I loved school, but I started to dread going. I didn’t want to be an athletic trainer, or a gym teacher. I didn’t want to work in geriatrics or with kids with disabilities. I just wanted to dance, and learn about my body and all it’s changes. I honestly cared more about the people interaction rather than the physical aspect.

Enter Psychology.

I loved it. It came naturally to me. It was one of those courses where things just clicked for me. I was interested in the course material, and I looked forward to not only class- but studying and reading my textbooks.

So during my last year of college, I decided to got to grad school for Clinical Psychology, and emphasize in Marriage and Family Therapy. Then I Googled “accredited clinical psychology schools, los angeles” and almost had a heart attack.

With 450,000+ results, it was time to open a bottle of wine and get to work.

In January, I put in my application for Alliant International University- a very solid choice, albeit a school few people had ever heard of. It didn’t bother me- CSU Northridge wasn’t exactly winning the popularity vote in 2009. I cared about the accreditation, the cost, internship hours, flexibility of classes and the program.

February 4th, I received an invitation for an interview towards the end of the month.

with love,





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