Post Grad Life: Part 2- What they don’t tell you

Sallie Mae will come a’calling. That 6 month grace period is too real. They have your number, your mom’s number and your grandma’s number. And they will call incessantly. Pick up the phone and pay them.

Money is a real thing now. No more grants and loans. Your credit card will only take you so far.

Summer is wedding season. Prepare for the question, “So, when’s your turn?”

Everyone is popping out babies. Everyone. Even Debbie in HR. Even your next door neighbor. Even though they’re still broke and working in retail and just finished racking up 95K in debt for a degree that you can’t readily identify- or pronounce.

College holidays don’t matter as much. St. Patrick’s Day, Margarita Mondays, Tequila Tuesday, Weed Wednesdays, Thirsty Thursdays, etc. no longer hold as much weight when you have a presentation for your boss due in the morning. Porto’s and sleep are held in higher standards over tequila hangovers for me.

You’ll feel this overwhelming sense of pride, until you realize that having a Bachelor’s degree doesn’t mean shit anymore in terms of the job market.


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