Interior Inspiration. Closets.

Closet space is one of the things that make a bedroom/dressing room great. Not matter how big or small, each holds a little bit of magic. I was fortunate lucky enough to live in a large house growing up, where my bedroom was between the library and a large walk-through closet. I had all the space I needed- compared to my place now, my first bedroom is still about 4 square feet larger.

When my brother and I went to college, my mother decided to downsize our house. There was just too much house for her to maintain on her own, as it was pre-war with huge rooms and tall ceilings. So we sold the house to a beautiful family who promised they weren’t going to turn it into a bunch of apartments. She went from 3,000 square feet to a respectable, 2 bedroom apartment across town.

Now that I live in LA, I often fantasize about the day where I am able to buy my own place and create a place of my own. But closets… closets are something that hold a special place in my heart, as vain as that sounds. No matter where I live, the place where I hold my clothes and shoes is always special.

I love his and hers closets. Even though my clothes would definitely spill over onto Phil’s side eventually.
I love the idea of shoes on bookshelves, as I think that shoe boxes could look bulky and unorganized (unless you shop at the same stores- which I do not.)
I have a clothes rack in my bedroom, and it’s the only way that I can keep it tidy on a regular basis.
This shade of blue is absolutely gorgeous.

Attic, showroom style closet? Yes please!

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rsz_tomorrowThis was a post I wrote Friday night. And got around to posting today. Because I’m a true procrastinator.

I, like many others, am a chronic procrastinator. Why I still continue to do it, I have no idea. Yes, I do good work and it comes out really well and it is well put together- even though I came up with the idea the night before. But during those hours of work, I honestly have no idea how I get anything done. I’m moody and scrambled and I snap very quickly if I get disturbed. I don’t even want to eat, I’m so into my work. And then when it’s done, I feel like I’m crashing.

So in the midst of me typing this, I’m at work. I still need to finish a project for work, clean my apartment, write two birthday cards cards, get birthday gifts, do my last minute laundry, give Mason a bath and eat. As of today (Wednesday), I have another project to start, writing to get done, and a hundred other small tasks that I keep pushing off until tomorrow.

It took me 3 months to even start studying for the GRE. And then it was pulling teeth to continue my study sessions. But that’s another story. I think that indecision is hand in hand with fear. If we take more time, we can make changes. If we have more time, we can make it perfect. But by trying to always be perfect- we start to become afraid to fail.

Why do we put ourselves through that stress? Why do we love to get to that point where we want to either hang ourselves to pull our hair out? Is it the feeling of adrenaline we get when we realize that it’s crunch time? Is our work really better; or does it just seem that way because we rushed to get it done? Are we afraid to fail?

Post-Grad Life. What they don’t tell you.

post gradWhen I graduated, people told me everyday that college was the crash course in adulthood. Undergrad was the time where I would make all my mistakes and then someway, somehow- I would majestically turn into a well-rounded, responsible adult as soon as I walked across the stage.

They were wrong. Well, half wrong.

There is a good chance that you will still drive the same piece of shit car you’ve had since freshman year.

I drive a car from 2004, and I probably will still be driving it until the wheels fall off in 2018. And that’s ok, because I pay less than $90 for insurance and less than $40 for a full tank of gas. It’s not cool looking, but it’s reliable.

You’ll be broke. Possibly more broke then you were in college.

I thought I could stretch a dollar in college. Ramen and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were my staple food for about 3 years. Now it’s a whole new ballgame post grad. When rent, car insurance, student loan payments, credit card payments, gas, utilities and a grocery store trip all falling in the first couple weeks of the month- you will stretch that dollar in ways it hasn’t before. And of course, since ramen in the office will get you the side-eye, bring baggies to work and take home all the extra bagels from Friday Carb Day. No judgement from me.

You will most likely not use your degree in your first post-college job.

Which is not the end of the world. There is a large majority of people who don’t use their degree in their first post-college job. Out of ALL of my friends, I only know 1 who managed to get it. And she was an intern for a year at that company while in school. According to recent research, only about 27% of recent graduates are using their degree post-college.

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How to Survive after Undergrad.

mantra bracelets
There were quite a few things that I wish someone had told me before I graduated. Or maybe right after graduation.

Either way, there were somethings that I learned on my own, somethings came into fruition after I fucked up multiple times, and some I heard from friends and family.


You’ve just spent 4+ years being a student. Travel, nap, learn a new recipe, cook something new or start a hobby or project. Don’t rush into anything, plan slowly and confidently.

Take advantage of people that graduated with your major, minor or current interest.

At CSU Northridge, I had a huge network of people who graduated in Kinesiology and in Psychology. I had no idea where I wanted to go to school, what programs were good, bad or not worth the money. Do not be afraid to reach out. LinkedIn is a great resource and it’s a lot more business-like than sending someone a Instagram DM or Facebook message.

Don’t give up too quickly during the job search.

I had plans to leave my part-time job and go full time in the 6 months after college. It took 8 months of banging out cover letters, sending resume after resume, and tracking down HR people before I landed at the job I have now. I didn’t hear from 75-80% of the companies I’ve applied to. I was “over” qualified, didn’t have enough “real world experience”, too much “school experience”, I didn’t have a Master’s (really? for a receptionist position???). The list went on and on. I had my moments that I thought I would never find anything, but I knew it would work out in the end.

Don’t settle on any old job.

This is very hard, especially since most of us are broke directly after college, and it would be very helpful to just jump into the workforce. But would you rather have a minimum wage job in 3 weeks or a salaried job with benefits in 3 months? Even though the job you get out of college is most likely temporary, it is easier to keep yourself afloat if you land a better paying job, or one with benefits.Read More »

Be Real.

I am always real with myself, even if it may bruise my pride a little. I admit when I am not giving my best in anything- from work, my image, family, love, relationships, friendships, performance, fitness, diet etc. When I stop being real with myself is when I step into the danger zone. I know […]

Write. 2015.

It’s been a while. A little over a year to be exact.

I lost friends and gained friends. I worked at a restaurant and hated every shift. I got Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and went through chemotherapy. I came back to school and graduated. I let Commitment Phobe go for once and for all. And then at the end, I fell in love.

So I think it’s safe to say that I was a little busy.

I waited until I got through senior year to write. Then I had to graduate. Then I waited until after I went to EDC. Then I waited until I got a better job. Then I waited until after the GRE.

I’m done waiting.

I’ve stopped and started so many times, that the only memories I have are from the recorded dates on each post I’ve “waited” on posting. I’ve promised myself that I will write.

After finishing school, I’ve found myself… bored. I wasn’t dancing anymore, so I struggled finding something that kept me happy (and occupied) that fit into my budget.

Writing is free, it just takes patience and dedication. And I’m working on both.

So welcome (or welcome back). I’m here to stay, and I hope you are too.

How to Make your Roommates Hate You

…or at least make them really, really dislike you.

1.Don’t clean up after yourself. This includes dishes, the floor, your room and the bathroom. The more messy, the better. Did you cook dinner for yourself and your boyfriend? That’s fine, feel free to leave your two plates, two sets of eating utensils and all the pots, pans and cooking utensils in the sink. Don’t worry, someone else will clean up after you!

2. Don’t pay bills back in a timely fashion. Hey, who really needs $350+ dollars? It’s cool, we’re all college students. It’s not like we need the money to eat or anything.

3. Give everyone in your dorm/apartment undeserving attitude. Even if they didn’t do anything to you, be rude to them anyway. Punish them for being your friends just because you’re having a bad day. Don’t apologize.

4. Have your significant other over ALL the time. Don’t worry, everyone loves them as much as you do. Bonus points if they sleep over 3 nights in a row and eat a third of the food in the fridge.

5. Be extremely loud during quiet hours. At 2am, we always want to hear you laugh obnoxiously loud to old reruns of Jersey Shore. Or hear you talk about “what you would do if you were ever on the Bad Girls Club”. Or have a really big fight with god-knows-who on the phone at all hours of the night, complete with yelling and slamming doors.

6. When you borrow something, you have two options. Either you can stain it, stretch it out, damage it or return it unwashed, or you can keep it for so long that the original owner has to “borrow” it back.

7. Blow-dry your hair when the sun goes down and all your roommates are sleep. Bonus points if they have a test in the morning.

woo-sa. Breathe deep.